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  • jet li
    jet li  1 years back

    worthless video. the same shot over and over.

    • dodopoopinpoop
      dodopoopinpoop  2 years back

      This should have been a blooper reel but I'm sure Sean Connery never missed cause he has the Goldfinger after all. I mean Dr. No shit he made the hat toss! Never Say Never when he walks into the room. You Only Live Twice so you gotta make your shots count.

      Speaking of Russia, wonder if Sean Connery wis cool enough to meet Vladmir Putin or if Putin is cool enough to meet him? Either way it would be nothing but From Russia With Love. THUNDERBALL!!

      • halo3fan30
        halo3fan30  2 years back

        "For my next miracle"

        • Jeff Wybo
          Jeff Wybo  2 years back

          I never miss

          • DeathByDegrees10
            DeathByDegrees10  2 years back

            How is this supposed to motivate me to participate in my shitty life

            • Marcus Skyfall
              Marcus Skyfall  2 years back

              How many takes to get this shot? 🤔😀