• Published: 24 October 2018
  • 007 ELEMENTS is the new James Bond cinematic installation built inside the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden, Austria. The name 007 ELEMENTS reflects the visitor’s journey through a series of galleries, each distilling the craft of the signature elements that define a James Bond film.

    Located 3,040 metres above sea level, the 1,300 square metre building has been constructed within the mountain and is arranged over two levels. Blending seamlessly with its surroundings, the impressive structure reveals itself through a tunnel and unfolds into two main areas offering spectacular views of the Tyrolean valleys.

    Combining state-of-the-art technology with stark contemporary architecture, 007 ELEMENTS creates a captivating experience with a dramatic cinematic soundscape set in nature’s awe-inspiring surroundings.

    007 ELEMENTS re-opens for the winter season on 26 October.

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  • Steven Song
    Steven Song  4 weeks back

    Now I know where to go when I visit Austria. Keep this place alive. EON Productions and MGM.

    • King Kor
      King Kor  2 months back


      • Aniruddha K
        Aniruddha K  2 months back

        Who love this music

        • madeya
          madeya  2 months back

          wait, this ain't vitas

          • Muhammad Ibrahim
            Muhammad Ibrahim  2 months back


            • halak jan
              halak jan  2 months back

              sjj skin is a will be

          • klmat almtr
            klmat almtr  2 months back


            • Mostafa Kinani
              Mostafa Kinani  5 months back

              يرجى وضع الأفلام المترجمة للعرببة

              • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
                Daniel Solis Rodriguez  7 months back

                I want to visit that 😍😍😍😍😍😍

                • Nebulous
                  Nebulous  7 months back

                  ugh Spectre was awful

                  • Administrator
                    Administrator  8 months back

                    Udayaran raje maharaj 007

                    • severus !
                      severus !  9 months back

                      اتمنى لو تكون النسخة الثانية تنزل

                      • Evangelos Killer mike
                        Evangelos Killer mike  9 months back

                        The iconic theme song always makes me happy 😊

                        • BOND CREATOR
                          BOND CREATOR  10 months back

                          i aint bitch boiii

                          • ldoe_fr lastday
                            ldoe_fr lastday  11 months back

                            You are??

                            • ldoe_fr lastday
                              ldoe_fr lastday  11 months back

                              Yujimbo in last day 007

                              • Anthony Cusack
                                Anthony Cusack  12 months back

                                Hoping to visit this year as it was unfortunately closed last time due to the weather.

                                • Jack Beddows
                                  Jack Beddows  1 years back

                                  The first two Craig Bonds were great. I don't know why the second one got a bad rap, I thought it was great. Skyfall went over the top, but had some good moments, Spectre was full of shit. The helicopter scene was retarded, they all would have died. The chase scene in Rome was retarded. I don't care what time of day or night it is, they raced around for ten minutes and never saw another car? Horse shit. There's always traffic in Rome. The train ride that had no people on it? The specter organization run like the UFC were anybody can just challenge anybody and murder them? Seemed a bit far fetched even for Spectre. Wanted to love it, just couldn't. But the first two films are great... Thankfully we'll always have those.

                                  • Rendell Bartholomew
                                    Rendell Bartholomew  1 years back

                                    WOW! The scenery Is just breathtaking.

                                    • NeverSaySandwich1
                                      NeverSaySandwich1  1 years back

                                      Spectre sucked balls bruh

                                      • Jack Beddows
                                        Jack Beddows  1 years back

                                        Yes. Yes it did. So much utter nonsense packed into a single film.

                                      • Woodchip
                                        Woodchip  1 years back

                                        Land rovers were beastly though

                                    • HDose
                                      HDose  1 years back

                                      I guess I don't need to comment about my wallet....

                                      • Luther DePapier
                                        Luther DePapier  1 years back

                                        Now it makes sense.

                                        • kasra khatir
                                          kasra khatir  1 years back

                                          You guys are spending a lot of money on Museums instead of media like Comics, Games and most importantly THE NEXT MOVIE !!!!

                                          • • AMD •
                                            • AMD •  7 months back

                                            kasra khatir well they actually are giving us some good comics. Best of all, is not about EON, but instead Ian Fleming Publication allows this badass stuff

                                        • Ronik Guha
                                          Ronik Guha  1 years back

                                          Nice Video of Bond... Elements... 👌🏻