Hawks-Naismith Holiday Classic: McEachern & SHARIFE COOPER vs. Grayson & DEVION SMITH / CALEB MURPHY

  • Published: 15 December 2019
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Comments • 16

  • Michael Stringer
    Michael Stringer  1 months back

    I've seen it and I dont see it...

    • Lionel Batiste
      Lionel Batiste  1 months back

      I was at the game and know the guards as grayson personally since they were like 8. Rife had NO help. Nothing he could do and he realized it early on. Grayson took the air out the ball. No one to pass to. When they did catch the pass they didnt know what to do with it.

      • JaVon Sutton
        JaVon Sutton  1 months back

        Grayson showed us who they are and what they can do. If that guy on their team made his 3s instead of missing all of them ,it would have been even worse for McEachern. Rife needed to turn it on early to give his team a chance and tried to too late against the wrong team

        • Bachi
          Bachi  1 months back

          Watch the game closely. They had a game plan for sharife. They guarded him far from the perimeter ALL game. Forcing him to drive and then When he drives they all clog the paint and he just gets slaughtered down there. They made it to where his team had to win for sharife. Alone from talent and athleticism, Grayson had a game plan which makes the team so much more better

          • Wiza
            Wiza  4 weeks back

            Lmao your the dude from kickgenius training videos 😂

          • Timadethis
            Timadethis  1 months back

            Good eyes

          SHIFTY TERENCE  1 months back

          They got crushed😬

          • YSL BUCKETS
            YSL BUCKETS  1 months back

            Damn that’s they first loss 😬

            • Saa Brazy
              Saa Brazy  1 months back

              Bad game for Rife tonight ...

              • Nba Sean
                Nba Sean  1 months back

                Saa Brazy I mean he got tripled teamed n still had 14😂

            • LUVSTAAA
              LUVSTAAA  1 months back

              Lazy play Sharife...SMH...recognize your team is undersized as well as you are and push pace and FIND A SHORT GAME!!! Why are you trying to get lazy layups all game on a long team???BLOCKED!

              • Yung_Baller
                Yung_Baller  1 months back

                Sharife ain't been beaten this bad since the Alabama fusion game this summer 😂

                • Daniel Ogunyemi
                  Daniel Ogunyemi  1 months back


                • KBanksTM
                  KBanksTM  1 months back

                  Jalen McAlpin 14

                • Nay
                  Nay  1 months back

                  his team was on a 38 winning streak b4 they lost this game, 32-0 last yr and 6-0 this yr now they 6-1

                • Jalen McAlpin
                  Jalen McAlpin  1 months back

                  how many points he have?