I'm Coming Out.


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  • NikkieTutorials
    NikkieTutorials   1 weeks back

    *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

      NAMKHING GINGERJUICE  4 days back

      Love U Sis💜💙💚💛❤

    • ponseliana melianvi
      ponseliana melianvi  5 days back

      I love u ♥♥♥

    • PacisEritVobiscum
      PacisEritVobiscum  1 weeks back

      Still messed up of you to not be upfront about your biological sex with your fiance. It is dishonest and no amount of excuses can justify it.

    • Ann Zak
      Ann Zak  1 weeks back


    • faerie u
      faerie u  1 weeks back


  • Elin L
    Elin L  50 less than a minute back

    Every trans woman is a woman PERIODT

    • Athoslana2015
      Athoslana2015  2 minutes back

      I only like real women...

      • Bikinigirl05
        Bikinigirl05  3 minutes back

        Who blackmailed you? He or she should be outed.

        • MrsCrowe
          MrsCrowe  4 minutes back

          I just heard the news! Idk why youtube didnt show me this video but congrats on claiming your own truth. I've always found you inspirational and this just proves what a truly strong woman you are! So proud to have someone like you to look to as a woman ❤

          • ASMR twins
            ASMR twins  4 minutes back

            Your so strong that you said thit to the media im proud

            • Sumayah Shushhh
              Sumayah Shushhh  4 minutes back

              Someone found out she had to let it out before someone else did 😖😖

              • Ade Forest
                Ade Forest  4 minutes back

                It took 1:23 to get to the point. Wow!

                • Gay Goth
                  Gay Goth  6 minutes back

                  OMG BABEY YES! We all love you so much!! I had no idea!!! I except you! We all do!! You pass so so well! I would have NEVER known!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I love you and you are the strongest woman I've ever known

                  • Lara Cammarata
                    Lara Cammarata  7 minutes back

                    No entiendo nada ayuda

                    • Avani Arora
                      Avani Arora  9 minutes back

                      yasss babygirl! own them!

                      • angelina narro
                        angelina narro  9 minutes back

                        you’re sooooooooooo beautiful 🥺❤️

                        • Cherish Star
                          Cherish Star  9 minutes back

                          Je bent een TOPPERRRRRTJE 💣♥♥♥!!!! Heel goed dat je dit doet maar zoooo vervelend dat het zo moet!!!! Respect dat je dit hebt ondergaan waardoor je gelukkig bent met jezelf want uiteindelijk is dat hetgeen wat telt!!!! Blijf van jezelf houden!! Je bent het waard!

                          • Crazzy Fraddy
                            Crazzy Fraddy  10 minutes back

                            Я один от Шевцова на стриме услышал про этот видос и нашёл его? Пиздец кстати

                            • Maskaatu Saafu
                              Maskaatu Saafu  11 minutes back

                              We love u nikkie u r gorgeous

                              • Hi I’m Marlon
                                Hi I’m Marlon  11 minutes back

                                Dis person looks trans jus look at da facial features 🤦🏾‍♀️ don’t come for me , there’s so much shi going on in da world & u ppl r worried bout a person coming out as trans??? GIVE ME A BREAK

                                • Suzy Rodriguez.
                                  Suzy Rodriguez.  11 minutes back

                                  Who would knew ! ❤

                                  • Gracie J.
                                    Gracie J.  11 minutes back

                                    Wonderful video Nikkie

                                    • samanta labbe
                                      samanta labbe  12 minutes back

                                      OMG nikkie you are so amazing, so beyond labels, you have no idea how much you inspire me, you are so strong as a person. I love you so so much, thanks for sharing this beautiful part of yourself with all of us.

                                      • Melissa Fleijsman
                                        Melissa Fleijsman  13 minutes back

                                        Je bent prachtig zoals je bent niemand kan dat veranderen en wees jezelf wees wat jij wil waar jij gelukkig van wordt💕💖ik steun je💕💖

                                        • picturesque
                                          picturesque  14 minutes back

                                          👏👏👏👏 such a brave behaviour!! respect from turkey. I love you

                                          • Ashlyn Lane
                                            Ashlyn Lane  15 minutes back

                                            SLAY! :OOO

                                            • Gissell Sánchez
                                              Gissell Sánchez  16 minutes back

                                              Omg Nikki I don’t fucking care your sexuality I love you for who you are !!!! An excellent makeup artist and person! Go girl ! You are the best !! We support your job, not your private lifestyle

                                              • Adria Montes espin
                                                Adria Montes espin  17 minutes back

                                                You are so brave 💚🤯

                                                • Turtlemom Plus 2
                                                  Turtlemom Plus 2  17 minutes back

                                                  You are a Beautiful woman
                                                  I would have never known

                                                  • carla
                                                    carla  18 minutes back


                                                    • Babeth Soete
                                                      Babeth Soete  18 minutes back

                                                      You are so brave!! Love this video <3

                                                      • Orin M
                                                        Orin M  18 minutes back

                                                        EEEE Im Nonbinary <33 so proud of you and we all love you SO much, keep being you and you are SO beautiful no matter what ANYONE says <333

                                                        • Dickie's Beer Reviews
                                                          Dickie's Beer Reviews  19 minutes back

                                                          Saw you on Ellen! I need a big push or something to get my channel going stronger. I'm old and do beer reviews! Great Stuff Nikkie

                                                          • freethinkingMILF
                                                            freethinkingMILF  20 minutes back

                                                            Congrats hun, nice to meet you. It just sucks that someone took your choice to disclose & share from you. The truth is, it really is no one else's business (sexual identity, orientation, body count, kinks...), but, this is America...smdh.

                                                            • caroline bezner
                                                              caroline bezner  22 minutes back

                                                              i love this; you are so so strong and so brave

                                                              • Huri Hernandez
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                                                                • Luis Alvarado
                                                                  Luis Alvarado  22 minutes back

                                                                  Nikkie you are such a queen 😭😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

                                                                  • Keleigh
                                                                    Keleigh  23 minutes back

                                                                    Nikkie: Im coming out.. 
                                                                    Me: oh she's probably coming out with her own make up line.... must be a big one..... 
                                                                    nikkie: I'm trans 
                                                                    Me: *gasp* no..... i had no idea. 
                                                                    This doesn't change anything, your still the Nikkie everyone loves. Its just sad you couldn't be the whole you all this time. Well done and look to the future now xx

                                                                    • Roza Kuolema
                                                                      Roza Kuolema  24 minutes back

                                                                      GO gurl. I love you <3

                                                                      • Kasandra Hipol
                                                                        Kasandra Hipol  24 minutes back

                                                                        Wait I’m confused!!! So she’s TOMBOY???

                                                                        • Keon31415
                                                                          Keon31415  15 minutes back

                                                                          no, she's a trans woman. That means she was born in a male body, but with a woman's mind, so she became a woman. Happy to answer other questions!

                                                                      • Lilly Mcdaid
                                                                        Lilly Mcdaid  25 minutes back

                                                                        U are so beautiful and amazing I’m so glad u said that I just love u even more u are the best

                                                                        • yavasks
                                                                          yavasks  25 minutes back

                                                                          Your are gorgeous and amazing . Your personality is great . I cannot pull any of your looks but you brighten everyone’s day with your catch phrases . Be prepared to be even more successful that you already are . Xoxo

                                                                          • Luan Campos
                                                                            Luan Campos  25 minutes back

                                                                            Lindaaa 🤩

                                                                            • ebay account
                                                                              ebay account  28 minutes back

                                                                              You are beautiful and even more gorgeous with confidence. 🖕 to the haters who blackmailed you. XOXO

                                                                              • Sümeyye Oral
                                                                                Sümeyye Oral  29 minutes back


                                                                                • Karla M
                                                                                  Karla M  29 minutes back

                                                                                  Omg, I can’t even imagine how hard it was for you through all these years... You are you, nothing else matters 🙌🏻💜

                                                                                  • Pauline Liberté
                                                                                    Pauline Liberté  30 minutes back

                                                                                    I love you Nikkie !!! Hugs from Nantes in France ❤❤❤❤❤

                                                                                    • Jenni rocamora
                                                                                      Jenni rocamora  32 minutes back

                                                                                      You are awesome!

                                                                                      • lps Alex
                                                                                        lps Alex  33 minutes back

                                                                                        I keep watching this and this video really helps me feel better about myself I love you girl xx ps when my mom was pregnant with me she thought I was going to be born a boy and she only had boy clothes for me and I was bio female but I don't identify as a girl

                                                                                        • Emma Kelly
                                                                                          Emma Kelly  33 minutes back

                                                                                          we all love and support you! no matter how late you came out, we would always support you!!! you ARE still the nikkie that we know and love, nothing has changed, the only thing that is different is the weight lifted off your shoulder. WE LOVE YOU 💓💓

                                                                                          • Jens van Rossum
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                                                                                            • Gabriel Mullins
                                                                                              Gabriel Mullins  34 minutes back

                                                                                              We knew you sucked sticks