It’s finally arrived! The LEGO Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5

  • Published: 18 July 2018
  • It’s finally arrived, in great style of course! Check out the details and gadgets on our LEGO Creator Expert version of the Aston Martin DB5 with James Bond 007 and Aston Martin.
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Comments • 34

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson  5 days back

    More love went into this than No Time To Die.

    • جمعة حاج جمعة
      جمعة حاج جمعة  2 months back


      • smyffmawzz
        smyffmawzz  2 months back

        Looks just like a DB5 ...I mean , just look at those graceful lines Hahahahahahahaha..

        • Clifford Leon
          Clifford Leon  2 months back

          So sick.. gotta get it for my son

          • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
            Daniel Solis Rodriguez  7 months back

            This car apeared on Skyfall and Casino Royale

          • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
            Daniel Solis Rodriguez  7 months back

            The DB10 please!!!!

            • Francis Coop
              Francis Coop  9 months back

              Freeze at 0:14 - it's a Triumph Herald!

              • Miles Watson
                Miles Watson  12 months back


                • Janice Campbell
                  Janice Campbell  1 years back

                  LEGO JAMES BOND VIDEOGAME?!?

                  • Salim 90
                    Salim 90  1 years back

                    Looks a bit basic

                    • Shiva Kumar
                      Shiva Kumar  1 years back

                      Love James Bond So Awaiting ...for this to watch our.

                      • ganeskmr
                        ganeskmr  2 years back

                        where is BOND?

                        • Frank B
                          Frank B  2 years back

                          This shit is for kids... fuck off

                          • Keith Lund
                            Keith Lund  2 years back

                            This is awesome. I'd love to get it, if the price is decent. I rarely buy LEGOs because of how over-priced they usually are. If the price isn't absurd, I'll definitely have to get it.

                            • Keith Lund
                              Keith Lund  1 years back

                              Thanks. That's 3x what I was expecting, lol. It looks cool, but I'm gonna have to pass on it for a price like that.

                            • Alan Finlay
                              Alan Finlay  1 years back


                          • Juan Finol
                            Juan Finol  2 years back

                            Wao! I want It!

                            • GLUTTONY
                              GLUTTONY  2 years back

                              Another thing to add to my collection of James Bond collectibles.

                              • WH250398
                                WH250398  2 years back

                                Screw it. Now we need a Lego James Bond video game. We haven't had a James Bond game since 2012 :(

                                • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
                                  Daniel Solis Rodriguez  7 months back

                                  Daniel craig 4 movies recreated on lego, that can be fun

                                • Daniel Solis Rodriguez
                                  Daniel Solis Rodriguez  7 months back

                                  You mean, Skyfall

                                • Yayo' Ariowibowo
                                  Yayo' Ariowibowo  8 months back

                                  That was going to happen, tho apparently canned near the production of Casino Royale

                                • WH250398
                                  WH250398  2 years back

                                  Il Fenomeno
                                  I would prefer a serious Bond game though... Like a third person shooter with a good story?

                                • Benny Schwartz
                                  Benny Schwartz  2 years back

                                  man that'd be perfect, you could have all 6 bonds playable and the timeline is ideal for it

                              • Pendekar Segawon
                                Pendekar Segawon  2 years back

                                shut up and take my money!

                                • ZorB yu
                                  ZorB yu  2 years back

                                  I been waiting for years😺

                                  • marco ardito
                                    marco ardito  2 years back

                                    You miss the Minifigure ,

                                    • Yozzer2781
                                      Yozzer2781  2 years back

                                      And no James Bond :(

                                      • Charles Dickinson
                                        Charles Dickinson  2 years back

                                        Yozzer2781 seats are too big for a figure apparently, but you can always make one yourself. Peter vankmen from ghostbusters has a good head to use.

                                    • r 2002
                                      r 2002  2 years back

                                      The best item! When will it be on sale? Is the mechanism electric?

                                      Let's get it!

                                      • Just so much God damn cups
                                        Just so much God damn cups  2 years back

                                        a meme that's lived quiet well. but buy power functions to make everything motorized and is available for only lego vip members

                                      • Charles Dickinson
                                        Charles Dickinson  2 years back

                                        August 1st 2018, no nothing is electrical in the set.

                                    • james: Mallett
                                      james: Mallett  2 years back

                                      About time LEGO James Bond came out